Let Us Manage The Technology So You Can Focus On Your Business!

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Managed Technology and Security, Done Right!

It’s the people behind it! We, at Longevity Technology, are a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for technology, combined with a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) operation.

Let us manage the technology, so you can focus on your business!

Vulnerability Testing

Longevity Technology can provide and perform vulnerability testing for both your internal and external presence. We offer services that include annual, quarterly, monthly and real-time testing. Want to know if your firewall or switches have vulnerabilities that would make it easy for a “hacker” to get to your data and computers? We are the right company for you!

Penetration Testing

Longevity Technology has extensive experience in performing penetration testing, in both an automated and/or a manual application. Often, based on our business needs, we have to open a port or a dozen on your firewall to conduct business. Are we vulnerable? We can play the role of a hacker and tell you how vulnerable you are. 


Real-time Monitoring

Longevity Technology has the technology to tell you in real time, who is trying to (or actually accessing) access which files, who is logging in to which computer, who is using improper credentials and a whole lot more to give you the ability to react to any threats on your network in real-time. Even better, is we will montior the alerts and act for you!!


HIPAA Auditing

PCI-DSS Auditing

FISMA Auditing

Financial Sector Security

Healthcare Sector Security

Employee Training and Testing

Avg Monthly Alarts Handled

Avg Monthly Critical Alerts

Avg Monthy Attempts Stopped

Security Compliance

Security compliance is a legal concern for organizations in many industries today. Regulatory standards like PCI DSS, HIPAA, and ISO 27001 prescribe recommendations for protecting data and improving info security management in the enterprise. In demonstrating security compliance, enterprises are better able to define and achieve specific IT security goals as well as mitigate the threat of network attacks through processes like vulnerability management. In some cases, such as with HIPAA, failure to achieve and maintain security compliance can result in financial and legal penalties.

At the same time, since each major security standard involves an evolving set of specific requirements, achieving security compliance can be complicated and costly. In order to gain protection from the liabilities that accompany security breaches, companies are spending large amounts of time and money on regulatory compliance efforts.

Security Compliance Grows Even More Challenging

In response to an increase in IT security breaches and recent technology trends, industry standards have become more complex—and compliance directives more ambitious. Adding to the difficulty of security compliance is the limited effectiveness of perimeter-based network security tools and the dispersal of security functions and responsibilities resulting from BYOD and the use of cloud services. And with governments increasingly active in mandating protections for sensitive consumer data, enterprises will likely confront increasing audit and security compliance obligations, placing further demands on already over-burdened IT shops.


Our Expert

Sturner-Headshot Managed Security Services

Stephen Turner, President of Managed Security Services

Stephen is a 24-year veteran of the Information Technology world that began as a crypto-technician in the United States Marine Corps. He has worked all facets of the Information Technology world including administration, security, consulting, project management, Director and as a Chief Information Officer for nationwide organization where he was responsible for architecting the security infrastructure during the migration of the organization’s entire data center to the “cloud”.

He also served as the Director of Cyber Security – Cybersecurity and Research for the Florida Center for Cyber Security, a Florida organization established by legislation to position Florida as a national leader in cybersecurity through education and workforce development; innovative, interdisciplinary research; and community engagement

Stephen has trained as a Certified Ethical Hacker, Certified Information Systems Security Professional and as a Red Hat Certified Architect with a focus on Linux security and is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.

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